Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Garden in Life

I run, dance and merry go round
in this garden in my life.
There are so many beautiful things here
And to me they are all dear.

Trees are tall and splendid
I run with the wind circling around the trunks
It has finally took down the neat looking leaf
But to catch it, not that simple!

The leaf goes away with the wind, to catch I run
because I enjoy, and it seems to be fun.
The wind soon gets tired of the game
The leaf is mine! but its dry... how lame!

The garden doesn’t seem that beautiful now
I get bored, I get sad
But a movement catches my eye
Oh look its a butterfly...

She is so... I have no words
I want to touch her vibrant colors
I try to reach her, but she goes away far
I hide behind the roses, don’t mind the scar!

I give up and look around
It is lonely, It is sad
I might as well finish the tree house
I came here to build

The house looks the same
I had last left it. It is not perfect
It is not holding up even this time
I plan to write a poem out of this, this part doesn’t even rhyme!

I break it and decide to rebuild
But I get stuck again at the same step
I decide tree-house is bad idea and destroy
Let me catch the leaf.. may be this one isn’t dry.


Aruna said...

Amazing metaphor !! Aajach mala tuzya blog chi athvan ali hoti :)
Keep writing :)


I am glad you liked it!


FrostBite said...

I love the last paragraph....has a much deeper interpretation than the rest of the poem.....good writing though....keep it up.......

Nica said...

Cute metaphor..
Loved it !!! Loved it immensely!


Always a treat, your blog !

Shweta Shetty said...

Hi, I just nominated your blog for THE LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. For more details check out -

Ravi Sisodia said...

Dude, No words...
Simply marvelous ...